Assiniboine River Basin

The Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) will bring together stakeholders who have an interest in working cooperatively to address water related issues across the Qu’Appelle, Souris, and Assiniboine River basins. We are building strong partnerships by collaborating with municipalities and counties, conservation, water, agricultural and science based organizations as well as government departments from Manitoba, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan.

The Prairie Improvement Network (PIN) is playing a lead role bringing stakeholders together and providing seed funding to assist in hosting a conference in Regina, Saskatchewan on November 12 – 14, 2014.  A governance model will be presented to those in attendance as well as a membership structure which will drive the new organization forward. PIN will continue to play a key role with the ARBI Planning Committee by facilitating the development of a sustainable organizational structure which will complement existing water management frameworks.

This ARB portal is an online tool which provides a “one stop shop” of information about water stewards, stakeholder organizations, geography and water ways, local, provincial, state, and federal government organization and research projects and papers. This information can be used to learn about the ARB, as a networking tool to find out who the stakeholders are, or as a research tool to learn more about activities, projects, and new technologies and methods being planned or employed.

We believe that providing useful information in an organized fashion is one of the key ingredients to managing our precious water resources.

We hope you enjoy this portal, and we are very interested in your feedback and idea on how to improve it!